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      Set Screw
      Hex Socket Set Screw
      Slotted Set Screw
      Precision Screw
      Self-tapping Screws
      Machine Screws
      Hexagon Socket&Head Screws
      Hexagon Socket
      Hexagon Head
      Studs Threaded
      Countersunk Head Riveted Nuts
      Hexagon Nuts
      Self-Locking Nuts
      Hexagon Nuts With Flange
      Other Nuts
      Plan Washers
      Single Coil Lock Washers
      Serrated Washers
      Other stamping parts
      Secondary processing
      Nonstandard Fastener
      DIN Pins
      All Kinds of Pins
      Suzhou Industrial Park Hongyi Fastener Co. Ltd is major operating medium and high grade fasteners, professional produce and sell Cold-pier Fastener, Press Fastener, Riveted Fastener and precision finishing. The product category is up to several thousands kinds, including DIN, ANSI, BS, ISO, JIS, GB and other standard and nonstandard products. Material is refer to Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and so on.  Category is including various kinds of Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Pins and so on. Our company employs professional managers and technical team, improves the technique of products, continuously exceeds the customers¨ request by professional and diversifying products, and have developed into designated supporting supplier for a good many world¨s top 500enterprises depend on own advantages of a strong logistics capability.
      Rebuilding China's economic growth model Fasteners
      China imposes anti-dumping measures on EU fastener
      China extends anti-dumping probe into EU fasteners
      Congratulate Interest Group be established
      laboratory has had a certain sacle
      Rules for administering shanghai ship
      Pledged to move towards creating a regional free-t
      China may become top goods trading nation
      CISA holds first press conference in 2014
      Sichuan to accelerate overcapacity elimination
      State Council on issuing guidelines to tackle surp
      Steel company to enter non steel business
      Blog Marketing

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